Automatic tool replacement

It consists of a chain, meander or shelf magazine, a manipulator path on a column or on a shelf and the manipulator itself equipped with a two-armed swivel arm. A tool change system solution using a robot is also possible.

The tools are searched for by means of a coded pocket in the magazine. The device also enables automatic tool change in the milling heads, both in the horizontal and vertical direction. Depending on the customer's needs, a different number of storage spaces can be chosen (40, 60, 80, 120, or others according to customer request).

Wide variety of designs

  • chain tool magazine
  • meander magazine
  • shelf magazine

Main advantages of ATC

  • different types of magazines according to the number of tools
  • tool change also for milling heads
  • possibility of applying robotic tool change
  • Various designs of tool magazines
  • Tool change in vertical or horizontal position
  • Customised solution according to customer request