RAM drop correction


  • Increasing machine precision
  • Better resulting workpiece precision
  • The system works independently without the operator’s intervention
  • The compensation system can be configured
  • High range of compensation without imposing additional forces on linear guideways
  • This ram drop compensation system contributes to the longer life of linear guideways


Our ram drop compensation solution is unique and patented.

The entire headstock is designed in such a way that it allows to compensate for the ram face drop during its extension and when applying technological accessories. The ram drop is compensated by a special electro-mechanical system, where the step electric motor rotates the cam on which the entire group of headstock and ram is supported (the second bearing of the ram and the headstock plate is handled with use of a rotary pin).


When it is extended and loaded, the ram drop is a physical property. The consequence is the occurrence of errors in the position and geometry of the ram.