Modular headstock interface


  • Unified interface for the automatic change of various technological accessories

  • Permanent application of a full-scale extending spindle for the implementation of drilling/boring operations

  • High versatility of machine use (quick change of accessories)


TOS VARNSDORF machines are equipped with a universal interface that allows various technological accessories to be attached to the extending spindle (in an automatic cycle). This solution also includes various types of technological accessory magazines.

Practically all machines are equipped with a full-scale extending spindle that they can use, as well as a universal interface for the automatic deployment of various technological accessories (e.g. various milling heads, face plates, special tools,...) according to the technological needs of the customer.


Customer requirements are aimed at maximizing the usability of the machine – the implementation of drilling/boring and milling operations. The goal is to find a technical solution that will allow the use of both the extending spindle and various technological accessories for milling operations while maintaining the high productivity of the machine.