Vertical turning

  • Multiple technological use
  • Carousel table or pallet
  • Special holder using the CAPTO system
  • Using the HUIL 50 B milling head (with spindle brake)


Technical parameters

  • Ø 1,600 mm, max. 400 rpm, working moment 3,000 Nm
  • max. load capacity 6/4 t (table/pallet)
  • Ø 2,000 mm, max. 250 rpm, working moment 7,000 Nm
  • max. load capacity 10 t (table/pallet)


The machine is equipped with a so-called "carousel" table or pallet. The rotation drive is powered by a sufficiently rated torsion motor.

Several types of adapters can be used to mount the turning tool. It can be, for example, a special adapter developed for clamping the tool using CAPTO in a horizontal and vertical position, or a HUIL 50 B milling head can be used (which is fitted with mechanical fixation of the tool position in the head spindle hollow).

Solution requirement

The requirements for constantly increasing the efficiency of machining processes include, among other things, requirements for potential multiple technological machine use.

The machine ability to fulfil this requirement not only leads to significant time savings (workpiece transport between different machines), but especially to cost savings (the need of using less machines).