Job management


  • Optimisation of production according to the real production situation (condition of individual machines, order priorities, stock of material, etc.).
  • Simplified order planning
  • Accurate information about machine condition
  • Detailed information about production orders


The Job management function displays an overview of work orders and operations directly on the control panel of the machine tool, which is connected to the company's ERP system (including a desktop application for the foremen of the production hall). Enables optimisation of production using logical algorithms that evaluate the priority of individual orders according to the completion date, machine condition or material stock in the warehouse. 

Various supporting documents can be included in the application, such as a description of the operation, photos, tables (clamping instructions, etc.) and also NC programs.


Immediate overview of currently executed production orders on a given machine, or on all machines in the production hall. As a result, we need to make production planning more efficient based on information about the utilisation of individual machines, specified dates, availability of materials in stock and possibly other available information.