Headstock balancing


  • Lower feed forces are needed to move the axis (especially when moving up)
  • Minimum energy consumption during position bond
  • Extending the service life of the mechanical parts of the guide and the drive of the vertical axis


On TOS VARNSDORF machines the weight of the headstock is balanced (depending on the machine type) by means of counterweights inside the column or by means of a hydromechanical system.

With these systems we reduce the sliding forces necessary to control the axis and minimise the consumption of electrical energy when stopping the axis in position. Thanks to a balancing system without introducing additional forces into the frame and the guide, we significantly reduce the wear of the ball screws of the Y axis.


As the headstock moves, the ball screw motors on the Y-axis must constantly overcome gravity. Our goal is to minimise this effect in order to increase the efficiency and precision of the vertical axis motion control.