Remote diagnostics


  • Remote screen display of the control system of the connected machine including its remote control
  • Remote control of the machine system, including control of its internal parameters
  • Remote diagnosis of drives, measurement and indication of machine inputs/outputs
  • Quick remote verification of machine errors/defects – interactive transmission of machine status data
  • In the event of an electronic problem, there is an immediate remote solution
  • Data transfer to the customer's control system for the purpose of support in the technological use of the machine (transfer of NC programs, tool tables and zero points) and in the correction of its properties (transfer of PLC programs and machine parameters)


The technical means of our service is the possibility of remote connection using an Internet connection to the machine at the customer's place (we have the relevant software in the company and after enabling the service on the customer's side, we are able to connect to the machine remotely).

Remote diagnostics is offered for all machines manufactured by TOS VARNSDORF a.s. that are equipped with a HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 or SINUMERIK 840D Sl control system.

Technically, the system is designed in such a way that the customer's machine is equipped with a communication unit (combination of modem, router and switch) which, upon the request of the machine operator, sends a request via the Internet to connect with the service operator on the manufacturer's side (the system is equipped with security certificates and keys for creating secure connection).


It is a great advantage to have a remote overview of the function and condition of the machine practically from all over the world. Our remote diagnostics system makes this possible.