Integrated metrological system


  • Significant time savings (no need to move the workpiece to the measuring machine and back)
  • The machine tool is directly controlled using the metrology software – ease of use
  • Elimination of internal machine errors
  • Correction of errors/inaccuracies on the workpiece without changing the NC program


Integration of a metrology system (3D coordinate measuring machine) with a touch probe into the machine tool, thanks to which it is possible to precisely measure workpieces directly on the machine. Internal machine errors are eliminated by using an independent measuring device – an external "Leica" laser measuring system.

During measurement, the machine tool is operated in the same way as a 3D coordinate measuring machine. The system also enables automatic transfer of measured errors to the control system of the machine tool as a correction added to the CNC program (the machine can eliminate machining errors without the need to change the program).


Inter-operational and final measurements of workpieces with sizes of approx. 1 m3 or larger consume an unproportional amount of time in transport and handling to the measuring centre and back to the machine for repair.

The aim is to minimise these losses in production.