Buying a new machine

Technical solutions

When purchasing new machines manufactured by TOS VARNSDORF, we offer preparation of a technological solution that includes a proposal for the optimum configuration of the machine, a proposal for the use of the most suitable technology, including the development of a time study and the submission of a list of suitable tools and clamping elements.

Buying an old machine

When buying a new machine, we offer the possibility of buying your old machine, including dismantling and removal.

Locating the machine

When purchasing new machines from the production of TOS VARNSDORF, we offer the installation of machines in the production facility, or other services connected with the installation of these machines.

Technological study

We offer preparation of a technological study for the optimal use of the TOS VARNSDORF machine potential using practical experience in the field of machining with productive tools.

Securing financing

We offer various financing options (leasing, export credit, etc.) at cooperating financial institutions with a short processing time and on favourable terms.


According to customer wishes, we offer fast and comprehensive transport of the machine to the place specified by the customer.


We ensure quick and high-quality commissioning of the machine. Our trained workers carry out standard or shortened assembly, ensure full handover of the machine (including the creation of all necessary reports, machining of the test workpiece, provision of assembly and measuring fixtures).