High-speed extending spindle


The WHT 110/130 machines are equipped with centrally guided headstocks (optimal in terms of uniform heat and force load on the frame). The base of the headstock is a massive plate that carries the outrigger, main motor and other nodes. The main bearing consists of an assembly of nitrided hollow and main spindles, assembled with minimal play. The hollow spindle bearing is realised by a system of high-precision pre-loaded bearings with angular contact.


  • Implementation of full-scale boring operations
  • Long spindle reach into the machine work volume

  • High maximum speed for the application of high cutting parameters
  • Universal and efficient machine use


The maximum extension of the full-scale spindle is 650 mm (spindle Ø 112 mm) or 800 mm (spindle Ø 130 mm).

The maximum continuous revolutions are then 6,000, or 5,000 rpm (WHT 110 or WHT 130 machine), even with the spindle extended.

The machine thus has a high spindle speed with a full-scale extending spindle with a continuous working torque up to 1,375/1,718 Nm (S1).


The technical solution of an extending spindle with the highest possible revolutions is difficult to realise in practice. The extending spindle bearing requirements are contradictory.

Our goal was to solve this technical problem and thus create a unique solution by combining the advantages of standard boring machines and a modern machine tool with high spindle speeds