Face plates

Face plates are used as accessories for machines. They expand technological use of machines, especially in the machining of rotary shapes. 

LD D'Andrea

  • Maximum boring diameter: 1,000/1,250/1,400 mm
  • Plate dimensions: 500/600/800 mm
  • Feed range: 160/200/250 mm
  • Boring precision: 0.01 mm
  • Positioning: Automatic

LD 650

The face plate consists of an axially symmetrical basic body with an axial hole enabling the main spindle and a spool that is sliding in the body perpendicular to its axis to pass.

  • Basic body diameter mm: 650
  • Adjustment of the slide mm: 170
  • Max. working speed of the facing plate rpm: 150
  • Max. allowed speed when using the machine main spindle: rpm: 200
  • Range of slide work feed mm/min: 1-1,000
  • Slide rapid traverse mm/min: 1,000
  • Max. diameter of front turning mm: 1,000
  • Boring diameter range mm: 300-1,000