Additional rotary tables

Additional rotary work tables with horizontal adjustment are intended as special equipment for horizontal floor-type boring machines (WRD series) with the additional possibility of adaptation for machines of other manufacturers.

The additional (add-on) rotary work tables with horizontal travel consist of a fixed bed with a longitudinally moving table with a horizontal clamping surface supported on a slide.

The CNC-controlled table is used for clamping and positioning workpieces at technological workplaces and can also be applied multiple times. It allows interpolation in the longitudinal axis, in the rotational axis, or in both axes simultaneously, including the other continuously controlled axes of the specific machine. The rotational axis can be used for standard positioning or machining while the table is rotated and the main cutting movement is performed by the tool clamped in the main spindle of the machine.

Control of add-on tables, including equipment with electric servo drives, is integrated into the CNC control, control and electrical equipment of the machine. The position coordinates are programmed with an increment of 0.001°.

The drive of the B axis is solved by the "Master & Slave" system, which consists of two separate servo drives including the steering.

Wide variety of designs

Main advantages of accessories

  • Table rotation drive with the Master – Slave system
  • position programming with an increment of 0.001°
  • Variable design of clamping surfaces
  • Tables with or without linear travel
  • Max. load capacity of workpieces from 5 to 80 tonnes
  • The design of the clamping grooves can be adapted to the customer's requirements
  • Table control integration into the machine control system