Other special accessories

Tool cooling

Three methods of tool cooling can be applied to machines produced by TOS VARNSDORF. Tool cooling using adjustable nozzles (CHZ) or internal cooling through the tool axis (CHOV). Axial cooling can also be used with a mounted milling head. Alternatively, tool cooling by air (CHVZ) can be used.

  • cooling with external jets
  • cooling through the spindle centre
  • air cooling

Spindle guide supports

Use of a guide support that by its design allows significant increase of the rigidity of the mounting and guiding of the working spindle of the machine and hence its use mainly for power or precision machining in the case of a larger span in the entire rpm range, where it simultaneously allows the working spindle travel.

  • increased stability during machining
  • higher rigidity of the main spindle
  • precise machining with larger overhang 

Chip conveyor

Upon customer request a chip conveyor can be supplied to the machine. The length of the conveyor and its lifting height can be adapted to the user needs.

  • variable solution of the length and lifting height
  • can be equipped with separator/coolant tank
  • it is possible to add a device preventing chip accumulation 

Tool and workpiece probes

Different types of measuring probes can be selected for all control systems.

  • tool and workpiece probes
  • cable, radio or laser signal transmission
  • from manufacturers Renishaw, Blum, Heidenhain, M&H