Automatic palette change

The automatic palette changer (APC) replaces the machine table, but has the advantage of a quick change of the workpiece by allowing the preparation and setting of the next workpiece during the processing of the current one. This significantly speeds up the machining process.

The standard concept of the palette change equipment is based on the automatic change of the technological palettes between the stationary store stations and the palette clamping base on the machine. The palette is locked on the clamping base on the machine by means of centring pins and strengthened by disc springs; the palette release is hydraulic.

Automatic palette exchange is intended for the machine types WHN 110/130, WHN 13/15, WHR 13, MAXIMA I/II and WHT 110/130.

Wide variety of designs

  • change of two palettes directly at the store station
  • change of 2 to 4 palettes using an intermediate manipulator to store stations
  • complex inter-machine transport, manipulator with linear travel

Main advantages of accessories

  • Minimisation of secondary times when clamping workpieces
  • Speeding up machining process
  • Standardised and proven solution
  • Change of 2 to 4 palettes
  • The design of the clamping grooves can be adapted to the customer's requirements
  • Change is also possible for carousel palettes