Automatic change of technological accessories

A stand for special accessories (SA) is designed for storing special technological accessories and replacing them with the "PICK-UP" system, the design of which (number of storage positions, method of placement, etc.) is decided on the basis of the customer's individual requirements.

  • For floor-type machines you can choose from two versions of the SA stand cover, with a hinged opening door or with a roller shutter opening.
  • For table-type machines it is possible to choose the option of an additional SA stand, which is fixed and locked on the surface of the rotary table, an additional SA stand, which is locked on the tilting consoles on the rotary table, or a separate magazine with a manipulator can be used, which is placed on the concrete floor next to the machine (ATAC), which can be supplemented by the ATC system.

Wide variety of designs

The main variants of the magazine design 

  • pick up station clamped on the table top (SA)
  • pick up station clamped on the swivelling arms (SA)
  • separate magazine next to the X-axis (ATAC)
  • Individual solutions for the exchange of technological accessories (ATAC)
  • Special solution for table-type and floor-type machines
  • An integral part is the supply of covers
  • Ability to integrate together with automatic tool change (ATC)