WVM 2600 T

The new highly productive WVM 2600 T is a table gantry machine used for precise coordinate milling, drilling, boring, and thread cutting. The WVM 2600 T is characterised by advanced technological level of design, high performance parameters, and the ability to meet the requirements of even the most demanding operations.

  • The WVM 2600 T portal machine is available with a spindle diameter of 130 mm.
  • The machine is continuously controlled in three linear axes
    (X - longitudinal adjustment of the table, Y - horizontal transverse adjustment of the headstock,- slide of the slide).
  • The machine can be supplemented with a number of additional technological devices, which considerably extend the technological possibilities of the machine (eg mold machining).
  • The machines are continuously controlled by the control system


Podsumowanie unikalnych rozwiązań technicznych i cech specjalnych


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