EMO 2009 Milan (5 - 10 October, 2009)

TOS VARNSDORF participated in the EMO 2009 fair, which took place from 5 to 10 October 2009 in Milan. The company’s booth was quite large and included two dominating showpieces.

The presentation of new developments from the company’s manufacturing programme was a world premiere. This product expansion has met with excellent response.

The company exhibited a horizontal milling and boring machine WRD 150 Q and presented in public, for the very first time in Milan, the biggest newly-added rotary table yet from its range of products S 40. The exposition also included a 3-D presentation of the WRD 150 DUO technological workstation, which displayed the workstation’s features, including exchangeable technological accessories. A model of the FPPC portal machining centre, another of newcomer in our manufacturing programme, was also presented.

The WRD 170 (Q) machine, the most attractive new item in the company manufacturing programme, has met with great interest. This machine will be 2010’s hot new product.

A prototype of the machine is being built at the present time.

An official CECIMO and European Commission delegation visited our booth, as the only Czech booth, on Thursday, 8 October.

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