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TOSwide Service allows performing remote diagnostics on machines produced by TOS VARNSDORF a.s. (JsC) equipped with a HEIDENHAIN or SIEMENS control system and a remote-diagnostics workstation with a PC (Windows 7 operating system and appropriate software). The TOSwide Service is a modern tool for increasing productivity, enabling to diagnose all machine functions (PLC), monitor the status of inputs and outputs, and check the active machining parameters.

Clarification of any malfunctioning of the machine or the system is an effective tool for speedy and successful service intervention. Therefore the TOSwide Service provides a direct service to the customer (upon request from an operator) but also serves as an auxiliary tool to the company service centre in communication with the customer.


Basic description of TOSwide

Technical means of the service consist of a remote diagnostic workstation equipped with the appropriate software according to the control system, which is connected to the Internet and placed at the manufacturer (in case of an intra-plant modification of the TOSwide Service at the customer it is possible to use the intra-plant network of the customer). The TOSwide Service is offered for those machines produced by TOS VARNSDORF a.s. (JsC) that are fitted with the HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530, iTNC530HSCI or SINUMERIK 840D Sl control systems, including later versions. On the customer side there is a MOROS module, a DIN rail mounted unit installed in the customer’s switchboard (which in a compact form combines the function of a Modem, Router and Switch) and which, after a request is made by the operator, sends a request via the Internet to be connected to the TOS VARNSDORF server. After successful exchange of certificates and security keys a connection is established and the TOS VARNSDORF technician can operate the machine.


TOSwide options

  • displaying the current screen of the connected control system and its remote control
  • obtaining data from the connected control system for checking purposes
  • fast problem solution (pinpointing a defect) on the tool machine remotely – interactive data transmission reporting on the state of the machine
  • diagnostics of drives, measuring and indication of inputs/outputs of the machine
  • Data transfer from the service network to the control system of the customer in order to support the technological use of the machine (transmission of NC programs, tool tables and machine zero points) and when the machine characteristics are modified (transmission of PLC programs, machine data).


TOSwide Security

The requirement for communication is always initiated by the customer, not by TOS Varnsdorf a.s. (JsC) and is always an outgoing communication. The connection is secured via a Virtual Private Network (VPN). This system assumes that the user is connected to the VPN unit and thus is who it claims to be. Another assumption is that both networks are protected by firewall that enables access only to defined VPN gateways. VPN uses digital certificates to authenticate users and all communication is encrypted. In the case of longer connection the encryption algorithm will change after every hour in accordance with the factory settings. We can therefore consider it secure.



  • The customer connects an Ethernet cable into the switchboard and connects its other end to the LAN socket Ext. of the MOROS unit with Internet access.
  • Communication runs on UDP port 1194; it is necessary to have permission on the outbound firewall (the unit at the customer side sends a request to TOS VARNSDORF).
  • Allocation of free IP address to the MOROS unit in the event that the customer will require two-way communication – i.e., to be able to send NC programs to the machine via a cable from the office as well as to perform remote diagnostics. In the event that the customer only selects remote diagnostics, the unit is set to DHCP client and receives an IP address from the server.


You can make a specific request precisely according to your needs under advantageous conditions.

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