Overhauls and modernisations

Modernisation of machine

We provide retrofitting (modernisation) of TOS VARNSDORF horizontal boring machines, usually connected with general overhauls.

General overhaul of machine

We provide general overhauls of TOS VARNSDORF horizontal boring machines, horizontal machining centres, and horizontal boring and milling machines - both workbench and plate types. The modernisation of these machines is an integral part of such overhauls. We offer several service variations, such as a complete general overhaul of a machine, or the general overhaul of the mechanical part of a machine.

Medium-scale repair of machine

Moving customers’ older machines together with related medium-scale repairs to their damaged subassemblies (grinding tracks, lubricating slides, greasing the main bearing, grinding the cones of older machines, replacement of balancing cords, etc.).

Minor repair of machine

We also perform minor repairs to TOS VARNSDORF machines as requested by customers.


You can make a specific request precisely according to your needs under advantageous conditions.

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