Other accessories

SZP - optional fixture support

  • it improves significantly the putting off the optional accessories determined for the automatic control of the PICK UP change
  • number of places in a magazine: 1 - 4
  • tilting or roll-up doors
  • possibility of delivery of special auxiliary rack placed on the working rotary table

Chip conveyor

  • together with transport is possible to separate cooling liquid
  • it is possible to keep it or to transport it back into machine system

Spindle guiding support - short, long

  • it ensures a significant increase in the rigidity of the work spindle
  • ii is recommended for power machining or also for precise machining with the spindle traveled out to a greater extent


Workpiece and tool probes

  • measuring probes supplied by leading specialized companies HEIDENHAIN, BLUM, RENISHAW etc.

Examples of other accessories practical use


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