Acceptance of WH 105 CNC machine

We share the information that we have successfully handed over the WH 105 CNC machine to the German customer Foodlogistik Fleischereimaschinen GmbH before its shipment.

Already 500 machines with remote diagnostics

This modern tool connects the customer's machine with the manufacturer's service department online.

Complete valve production

We performed a test of the complete wedge valve production for a Russian customer.

Test of interpolation turning

We tested the interpolation turning technology for a German customer on the WRD 150 machine.

Technological test on the WH 10 CNC machine

A technological test for a Croatian customer was performed on the WH 10 CNC machine.

Our customers can also view our machines virtually

Issue number 01/2021 of the magazine Priemysel / Průmysl Dnes was published at the end of January 2021. Under the title “Our customers can also view our machines virtually” pages 98 and 99 contain an interview with the company sales director, Miloš Holakovský.

Special application of facing head LD 650

Turning technology using facing head LD 650 with a special attachment was prepared on the WHN 13 CNC machine.

Virtual pre-acceptance of WHQ 105 CNC

The virtual pre-acceptance of the WHQ 105 CNC machine for a German customer was successful.

Closed borders have shown us the advantages of Industry 4.0

Thursday 17 December 2020 saw the publication of a new quarterly magazine from the Federation of Industry and Transport called SPEKTRUM, issue number 1Q/2021. On pages 30 and 31 of this edition, the magazine published an interview with the company’s statutory director, Ing. Jan Rýdl Jr. The interview was titled “Jan Rýdl – Closed borders have shown us the advantages of Industry 4.0.”

Change in company articles

In accordance with the amendment to the Trading Corporations Act (TCO), on 1 January 2021, the post of statutory director was abolished. Our company has altered its articles to make them compliant with the new wording of the TCO, and it approved them at the proceedings of the general meeting on 14 December 2020.

Deep drilling Ø 96 mm

The WHQ 15 CNC machine successfully passed the deep drilling test (depth 420 mm).

Jan Rýdl has received the Medal of Merit, First Class

Today, on the anniversary of the creation of independent Czechoslovakia, Ing. Jan Rýdl Sr. received the Medal of Merit, First Class, from the president of the Czech Republic (for services to the state in the field of the economy). It is a highly significant award for his life’s work.

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