Integrated metrology system


The in-process and final measurement of a workpiece of approx. 1m3 or larger takes a large amount of time during transport and handling to the measuring centre or eventually back to the machine for repair.

The task is to minimize these production losses.


Integration of a metrology system (3D coordinate measuring machine) with a touch probe into the machine tool, enables precise measurement of workpieces directly on the machine. Own machine errors are eliminated by the use of an independent measuring device - an external "Leica" laser measuring system.

During measurement, the machine tool is controlled in the same way as a 3D coordinate measuring machine. The system also allows the measured errors to be automatically transferred to the machine tool control system as a correction to the CNC program (the machine can eliminate machined errors without the need to change the NC program).


  • Significant time saving (no need to transport the workpiece to the measuring machine and back)
  • The machine tool is controlled directly from the metrology software - simple to operate
  • Elimination of own machine errors
  • Correction of errors/inaccuracies on the workpiece without changing of the NC program

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