TOSmeet 2022

On Wednesday 27 April 2022, the traditional international conference with TOS VARNSDORF sales representatives took place on the company premises.

The day-long event included a presentation of the company's economic results and plans and a presentation of current issues in the production programme. Sales representatives from Europe, North America and Turkey were expected to attend.

In the end, the conference brought together 33 sales representatives who represent us directly in 12 countries around the world (and through dealers in a number of other countries).

In the morning session, the economic results for 2021 and the outlook for this year were presented, followed by a presentation of the new developments in the product range, particularly concerning the new versions of the WHN 13, WHT 130 and WRD 150. Furthermore, other new products were presented in several presentations. These included a new way of connecting the remote diagnostics system, the presentation and evaluation of tests in 5-axis machining and finally the new functions of TOScontrol (the sw superstructure of the machine control system), including the presentation of the SIDAS monitoring system. There was also great interest in the afternoon part of the programme, where guests could physically see the new WHT 110 and WHT 130 machining centres, watch a demonstration of 5-axis machining and try out the TOScontrol control directly on the machine.
The official part was followed by a social part, this year in the Stará Hospoda restaurant in Doubice.

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