TOS VARNSDORF a. s., a manufacturer of horizontal milling and boring machines and machining centers, offers in addition to its products also a system of services intended for permanent support of its customers. TOSmessage service allows communication between the control system of a machine of TOS VARNSDORF a. s. make and a mobile phone defined by a customer (e.g. a mobile phone of an operator). The TOSmessage service is an efficient tool for increase in labour productivity (service for a multi-machine attendance, support of time-consuming technologies etc.).

Basic description of theTOSmessage

A technical means of the mentioned service is a telemetric DINAX UNI module, a module for remote control by means of SMS messages. The DINAX UNI module permits to control two relay outputs, to read two inputs with barrier layer of an opto-coupler, and measure one analog voltage. Parameters regulating the module mode itself are stored in SIM card, or, by means of a computer, in EEPROM memory. The module sends SMS messages when changes at the inputs take place, so called unsolicited messages, to a cellular number stored in SIM card or in the EEPROM. Sending of pertinent types of messages can be permitted or forbidden by setting in the SIM card or in the EEPROM. The DINAX UNI module is located in the electrical switchboard and is connected to outputs of the control system. It communicates with all supplied types of control systems of all models of CNC machines made by TOS VARNSDORF a. s. The output of the module creates GSM gate to GSM network of 900 MHz and 1 800 MHz without any limitation from an operator. The module can be programmed by setting parameters of EEPROM by PC (via RS232 interface), or by setting parameters of the SIM card.

Current configuration of the TOSmessage

The DINAX UNI module with accessories: GSM antenna, cable for connecting with PC, software. TOSmessage sends 3 types of SMS messages to the defined mobile phone, covering the basic conditions of the machine:

  • TECHNOLOGICAL PROGRAM FINISHED - a message about proper end of a technological program.
  • PROGRAM INTERRUPTED FROM ERROR - a message about stopping a technological program by the machine, AVN, AVO or the system (the control system evaluates the situation and sends SMS on non-standard situation).
  • MACHINE SUPPLY FAILURE - a message about machine power failure (the module is power supplied from machine electric drives or from an autonomous UPS). By means of such messages conditions for reduction of idle times of machines employed in multi-machine attendance or time-consuming technologies (such as machining of moulds) are created.

The TOSmessage can be installed on all CNC machines produced by TOS VARNSDORF a. s.; parameters are installed and set after consultation with the customer by the manufacturers personnel (if older types of machines are involved, PLC of the control system must be modified).



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