TOSday 2012

On Wednesday, June 20th 2012, the Customer’s TOSday 2012th took place at the company’s premises.

Here, TOS VARNSDORF a.s. presented to their guests its complete production program. At five designated sites, several selected demonstrations of technologies were given on the machines of the company’s own production. The guests in groups accompanied by qualified and well-informed guides got an opportunity to go through all the workshops and were made familiar not only with the entire production program, but also with service offerings. They saw complete production facilities, including assembly halls.

The following technologies were presented on the machines made by the company:

pair of WRD 150 DUO horizontal milling and boring machines – machining a part for a wind power plant and machining a machine tool´s bed with two spindles at the same time

TOStec VARIA machining centre – continuous machining in five axes using HV2/V milling head

TOStec PRIMA machining centre – automated operation using a pallet system

WRD 130 Q horizontal milling and boring machine – machining a valve corpus using an LD 650 facing head

WHQ 13 CNC horizontal milling and boring machine – drilling and milling a tube sheet

At the other two sites, the guests saw the assembly workshops. At the assembly section of WHN(Q) 13/15 CNC machines, the main attraction was the completely assembled and tested WHQ 13 CNC machine in the design of 2012, followed by several machines of the WHQ 15 CNC type. At the assembly section of WRD 130/150/170 (Q) machines, they saw five floor type WRD machines in various stages of assembly. In this heavy assembly workshop, there were also eleven stands of our business partners, suppliers of tools, special accessories and software. They presented their products and services here, all based on cooperation with TOS VARNSDORF.

In other halls of the company’s premises, all the production facilities that demonstrate the complexity and robustness of the company´s production base were prepared for visitors. The fact that most of the large machine tools used at TOS VARNSDORF are form their own product line deserves considerable attention. This fact shows that TOS VARNSDORF has confidence in its products.



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