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1Customised Machines Assembly
2Energy Management
3Heavy Machinery 1
53D Measuring Equipment
6Shipping Department
7Serial Machines Assembly
8Heavy Machinery 2
9Training Centre
10Central Warehouse
11Hardening Workshop
12Light Machinery
13Production of Milling Heads
14Special Accessories Assembly
15Heavy Machinery 3
17Car Park West
18The 1st above-ground floor - Accounting Dept., Marketing and Advertising Dept., Company Lawyer, Staff Dept.
192nd above-ground floor - CEO (Chief Executive Officer), BM (Business Manager), CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
203rd above-ground floor - Design
21Prototype Workshop
22Company Canteen
23Changing Rooms
24Distribution Substation
25Heavy Assembly Hall
27Metrology Centre
28Car Park East


New signage on the premises located at Říční Street 1774, in force since 2012.

TOS Varnsdorf a.s.

Říční 1774
Varnsdorf 407 47
Czech Republic

Reg. No.: 27327850
VAT: CZ 27327850

Tel: +420 412 351 111
Faks: +420 412 351 490
email: info@tosvarnsdorf.cz

GPS: 50°53’21.795 N
14°37’24.579 E

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Post-Guarantee Repairs and Services
e-mail: service@tosvarnsdorf.cz
Tel.: +420 412 351 299

Pozáruční opravy a služby
e-mail: sale-service@tosvarnsdorf.cz
Tel.: +420 412 351 230

Spare Parts
e-mail: spare-parts@tosvarnsdorf.cz
Tel.: +420 412 351 234